Should you wish to submit an application for a property, please apply online via 1form (see link below).

Please ensure when applying you use the Property Code: 3144 and the email address:

Should you have any questions or queries on the application process (including the use of 1form), please contact Danielle on 0409 559 886 or


Once you have transferred the rent and bond in acceptance of the property a receipt will be emailed to you. Upon the signing of your lease, we will update the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTBA) of your details and the bond amount paid. Once this is done and the bond is lodged with the RTBA it will be held in trust for the remainder of your tenancy. The RTBA will then forward a receipt for your bond payment. A bond is held as a security deposit against any damage or undue wear and tear. Once you vacate your property, an inspection will be conducted. Provided the Property Report coincides with the original Condition Report (allowing for normal fair wear and tear), then we will make a claim with the RTBA for the bond to be transferred to your bank account. Please note that this process can take up to 7 business days. It is against the Residential Tenancies Act to use your bond as a substitute for the last month’s rent.


Please contact us if for some unknown reason you cannot make your rental payment on time. All rental payments are to be by bank transfer using the code you were issued at the commencement of your tenancy.  This is usually your surname and your house/apartment number ie: “BROWN108”.  If you are in doubt, please contact us. Do not transfer uncoded money. Our office does not accept payments by cash. The bank will charge a minimum of a 1% cash handling fee and that fee will be passed on to the tenant.  Please set up a reoccurring payment so that the rent is transferred the same day of every month. Please ensure the transfer takes place the day before your rental payment is due.


Upon the commencement of your tenancy, we will complete an inspection & full Condition Report; you will be given the opportunity to check this and add to it. You then have 3 business days to return the signed condition report to our office. This is the report we refer to at the end of your tenancy. It is therefore in your best interest to read through the Condition Report and Tenancy Agreement thoroughly and ensure you retain a copy in a safe place. The owner and or agent has the right to have 2 routine inspections per year.


It is the tenant’s responsibility to insure personal possessions against any loss, damage or theft.


It is best to leave a spare key with a relative or friend in case your keys are stolen, or you lose your keys or lock yourself out. You can also contact Danielle McDermott: 0409 559 886 in case we have spare keys in the office.


Tenants are responsible for utility connections and ensuring accounts are in the correct names. When vacating you are required to arrange to have a meter reading for gas, electricity and water prior to vacating the property. Please also disconnect a telephone land line if you have had one installed during your tenancy. NBN boxes are to be left at the property.​


As your Residential tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document between you and your owner, there are legal obligations on both parties regarding tenancy termination. If you wish to terminate your tenancy after your lease agreement has expired, you must give 28 days notice in writing prior to you vacating. If your tenancy agreement is still current and you wish to vacate, you are breaking your lease. This means you are responsible for meeting rental payments until a suitable replacement tenant is found or until the expiration of the lease, whichever is sooner. You will also be responsible for part advertising costs, part leasing fee plus GST. Please contact us if you decide to terminate your tenancy to confirm your obligations.


Further information on Renting a home from Consumer Affairs Victoria that can be found here: